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     The main focus of the company Storverk, defining its priorities, is the design, manufacture and repair of various production and processing equipment and production lines for the food industry. The powerful scientific and technical base of the company and long-term experience, allow the creation of technological equipment that combines functionality and high performance figures corresponding to modern international standards.
Let Shtolverk company's products allows us to solve a wide range of tasks on equipping of food and other industries promyshlennocti.

      High professionalism of employees, advanced equipment, continuous development and production of high quality raw materials allow the creation of unique, high quality and functional products for a variety of objects in many sectors of the food industry.

      Shtolverk The company offers its customers the best technological solutions with minimal cost, features and maximum benefit. Shtolverk equipment has all necessary certificates according to Russian standards. The company's specialists working in Moscow, timely provide all necessary technical assistance.

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