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Company Shtolverk, has extensive experience in the production of various food and processing equipment, and can assist in the repair and maintenance of products from other manufacturers.

A brief list of products:
- Capacity of stainless steel;
- Vacuum vessel and reactors;
- Mixers of various designs;
- Piping equipment;
- Mixing devices;
- Containers made of carbon steel (St3, etc.);
- Siropovarochnye kollerovarochnye and boilers;
- Storage capacity;
- Mixing devices;
- Panels (cabinets) management and more

On request, we can carry out the modernization of the existing equipment, which saves you money. For repairs, we use only high quality materials and components. Our specialists are highly qualified and are able to solve almost any task. Carrying out works possible on our production and at the customer premises.

A short list of works produced by our company:

- Installation of heaters.
- Strengthening capacities
- Installation of high-speed mixing devices
- Manual agitator
- Inspection windows
- Box fittings
- Install insulation and decorative trim
- Installation of manholes and manhole.
- Cleaning head
- Measuring tube
- Installation of the sensors

Installation of electric heaters.

We endow the capacity of heating elements, heaters inset directly into the container, and the container with the equipment under the intermediate heating jacket coolant. Heating elements (thermoelectric heaters) depending on the configuration, can be installed directly to the desired customer location, and using, in the case of TENb blocks landing devices (screws, glasses, etc.).

Strengthening capacities

We produce strengthening capacities, in order to change the original characteristics, as well as to strengthen the equipment with long life. For strengthening (amplification) of storage equipment can be used - installation frames, reinforcing rings, stretch marks, frames, lodgements and other elements depending on the particular case taken

Installation of high-speed mixing devices

Fleet mixer is a device designed to produce mixtures and emulsions; averaging of different compositions as the composition and temperature; intensification of various processes in the products; grinding the components in the application work item type "cutter". It consists of a motor connected to the shaft with a working body is immersed in the product.

To prevent shaft runout during rotation by acting on it and the lack of centrifugal force balancing operation member, the engine is set to "cup" with a shaft bearing assemblies which leave only the necessary degree of freedom for performance. The entire structure can be mounted on a container in the cover and on all surfaces in the desired customer location.

Hand mixing device

Frame agitator used in vessels, reactors, silos, etc. mixing equipment. Equipment reactors RAMS stirrer allows mixing of the products with both low viscosity and a dense products. We produce the installation frame of the mixing device on all types of storage equipment. The configuration of the frame agitator, drive power the mixing device, the speed, torque method of installation and other characteristics specified in each particular case.

Typically frame-type agitator consists of a drive - motor gear types (worm; coaxially cylindrical, conical, planetary, etc.) and different mixer configurations directly. Depending on conditions, the stirrer may be equipped with scrapers polyacetal, support assembly further moving elements and other equipment.

Inspection windows

For visual monitoring of processes which take place in tanks and industrial installations, an apparatus of the sight glass (diopter) of the equipment available at the customer. Diopters, depending on requirements, can be illuminated and are made with different technical characteristics.

Box fittings

Tanks and other technological equipment does not always meet all the requirements for the layout. The configuration process vents, pipes, connecting dimensions do not meet the requirements of the customer is not a problem. We are ready to produce the transfer of the existing pipes, change the connection method (for example to remove the flange connection and install the threaded connections or vice versa), install adapters with a larger diameter to a smaller or conversely, to embed additional fittings, etc.

Install insulation and decorative trim

In applying the modified containers under heating or cooling is necessary to establish a thermal insulation to reduce heat loss and reduce contact with the atmosphere. Thermal insulation can not only reduce the consumption of energy for heating / cooling, but also to protect personnel from burns. Our company carries out equipment storage equipment thermally insulating jacket and, if necessary, decorative veneer. Decorative cladding is installed on top of the thermal insulation capacity, it makes it possible to produce washing equipment and prevents its damage.

Installation of manholes and manhole.

When sealing storage equipment, or to facilitate access to the internal surfaces can embed hatches or manholes of different configurations in the cover or the side walls of the container in any convenient location to the customer.

Cleaning head

Establish a cleaning head in the tank, which allows a significant reduction in cleaning time and facilitate its process.

Measuring tube

To understand the amount of product present in the container establish dimensional tube of different length, including protection or working pressure. The tubes are installed using cranes (crane upper gauge and a lower gauge faucet) that communicate with the interior of the container through the tube. Measuring tubes can be installed including tanks equipped with heating jacket and thermal insulation layer with a decorative veneer.

Installing sensors 

Establish various hardware sensors, including level sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, etc. The sensors may have different ways of mounting and installation and the customer have the required connectors and landing sizes. If necessary, possible to manufacture landing sleeves, couplings and mounting elements.

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