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Gallery and food processing equipment manufactured by Shtolwerck

The company Shtolverk develops, manufactures and sells nutritional and technological equipment of various designs and modifications for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, paint, chemical and other industries.


 In this section You can find characteristics produced by our production equipment, as well as see pictures and videos of the work of the selected installation.

Mixing equipment:
Plow-mixer 3000 liters 5 liters laboratory mixer And the V-shaped mixer CM AND 120 liters vith ASY
CM-B1000l ASY - Mixer 1000 liter drum with ASY  CM-PB Mixer drunken barrel under the replaceable container CM-Y120l ASY-Y-shaped mixer, volume of 120 liters with ASY
Laboratory bikonusny mixer 20 liters Laboratory mixer drunken barrel Dissolver for interchangeable containers
Vertical screw laboratory mixer Advanced Universal laboratory mixer CCK-PB Mixer universal drunken barrel under the replaceable container cantilever
CCK-PB 300 l ASY - Mixer drunk a barrel of 300 liters with a stationary container CCK-100 pb Lasu-Mixer drunken barrel 100 liters with a stationary container Laboratory Mixer drunken barrel
CCK-BR-170L ASY - Mixer dry ingredients bikonusny 170 liters  Mixer sauces steel AISI 316 SPB 50l ASY-Mixer drunken barrel for the pharmaceutical company, polished removable containers
CCK-Y40l ASY - Y-shaped mixer, volume of 40 liters with ASY  CCK-BK2000l ASY - Mixer loose components bikonusny 2,000 liters with ASY    
The cooking equipment:
KVE-L-25 np - digester with stirrer 25 liters of a lower drive KVE-300l - Kolerovarochny boiler for 300 liters of oil-jacketed and electrically heated KVE-150 l - electric boiler for boiling the syrup with the lower drive
VVA-200L ASY - vacuum evaporator KVE-1000 L - 1000 L Siropovarka KVE-200L - digester 
KVE-200L - pot for cooking syrup bottom drive  VVA-300l ASY - Vacuum evaporation plant 300 liters with electric heating KVE 2000 liters - 2,000 liters Siropovarochny boiler with electric heating
KVE-2200 liters - boiler electric cooker 2200 liters with a heating jacket, a stirrer KVE 100 liters - 100 liters Siropovarochny boiler with electric heating. KVE-300l-mr - boiler electric cooker 300 liters of oil-jacketed mixing device 
KVE-12L-np - digester with an agitator 12 liters with bottom drive