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  The digester square (rectangular) with steam heating
  The digester square (rectangular) with electrical (TANS) heating
  Siropovarochny boiler with steam heated
  Siropovarochny boiler with electric (TANS) heating
  Kolerovarochny boiler with steam heating
  Kolerovarochny boiler with electric (TANS) heating
  Universal cooking with steam heating boiler
  Universal cooker with electric (TANS) heating
  Tipping cooking with steam heating boiler
  Tipping cooker with electric (TANS) heating
  The digester for cooking by-products from the steam heating
  The digester for cooking by-products from electric (TANS) heating
  Siropovarochny boiler with steam heating
  Siropovarochny boiler with electric (TANS) heating
  The digester with the lower drive steam heated
  The digester with bottom drive electric (TANS) heating
  The digester automatically loaded with a basket
  Unit melting fat
  Unit melting fat square (rectangular) with steam heating
  Unit melting fat square (rectangular) with electrical (TANS) heating
  Unit melting fat round with steam heating
  Unit melting fat all electric (TANS) heating
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  Mixer ribbon
  Mixer conical
  Mixer bikonusny
  Mixer drunken barrel with a fixed container
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  Mixer twin-shaft
  Mixer twin-rotor with a heating jacket
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  Submersible dissolver
  Vacuum dissolver
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  Blending tank with a propeller stirrer
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Submersible dissolver

Shtolverk Company develops, manufactures and sells dissolvers various designs and modifications for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, paint, chemical and other industries.

Applications submersible dissolver
Submersible dissolvers (dispersants) are widely used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and many other industries.

Cantilever dissolvers used in the processes of preparing pigment pastes, pharmaceuticals, paints, emulsions, adhesives, a variety of cosmetic products. In the food industry dispersants are widely used for the preparation of confectionery mass, fat blends of various food products, etc.

Appointment submersible dissolver.

Погружные диссольверы предназначены для диспергирования сухих компонентов в жидких средах с целью получения взвесей, эмульсий и паст с высокой степенью дисперсности. Submersible dissolvers are used for dispersing the dry components in the liquid medium to obtain suspensions, emulsions and pastes with a high degree of dispersion.

The principle of operation of the submersible dissolver.

The principle of operation of the submersible dissolver based on the use of high-speed milling mixers thoroughly pulverizing the product to obtain a homogeneous mass.

The basic design.

Dissolver submersible type, is a metal rack with a vertical lifting mechanism, which is fixed to the motor cutter Fleet. As the lifting mechanism is applied, usually hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder or spindle. Dissolver cantilever is used in conjunction with movable bowl.

"Cutter" Submersible dissolver is equipped with high-speed stirring device type. The mechanism for the capture and secure retention of removable tanks.

Ease of use console dissolver is a fast change of the bowl, where it is dispersed product.

Console dissolver is supplied with a remote control, including a high-speed cutter made based on the speed control system of frequency control, the system prevents the lift going beyond the extreme upper and lower limits of travel, sensor availability of interchangeable containers (including dissolver takes place exclusively in the presence of a removable container) as well as other devices and systems according to the arrangement of the dissolver.

Additional accessories for the dissolver:

Any equipment at the customer's request can be equipped with additional
snap in any volume and configuration:

• Fully automatic control system with touch panel with TOUCH-general industrial multi-channel programmable controller for full control and management, temperature, time and mixing modes, as well as the management of pumping and homogenizing equipment.
• audible and visual alarm system
• system of protection against "dry run"
• timers and time switches
• The system is monogamous or tiered as well as combined heating / cooling
• circulation pumps for high-temperature heat carrier
Level sensors (mechanical, ultrasonic, laser,
Pressure transducers)
• strain gauges
• Automatic vacuum or injection systems, as well as
injection of steam into the product
• mixing devices and high-speed low-speed, any
• high-temperature food, including and self-priming pumps
homogenizers and own production

Commercially available:

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