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  The digester square (rectangular) with steam heating
  The digester square (rectangular) with electrical (TANS) heating
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  Siropovarochny boiler with electric (TANS) heating
  Kolerovarochny boiler with steam heating
  Kolerovarochny boiler with electric (TANS) heating
  Universal cooking with steam heating boiler
  Universal cooker with electric (TANS) heating
  Tipping cooking with steam heating boiler
  Tipping cooker with electric (TANS) heating
  The digester for cooking by-products from the steam heating
  The digester for cooking by-products from electric (TANS) heating
  Siropovarochny boiler with steam heating
  Siropovarochny boiler with electric (TANS) heating
  The digester with the lower drive steam heated
  The digester with bottom drive electric (TANS) heating
  The digester automatically loaded with a basket
  Unit melting fat
  Unit melting fat square (rectangular) with steam heating
  Unit melting fat square (rectangular) with electrical (TANS) heating
  Unit melting fat round with steam heating
  Unit melting fat all electric (TANS) heating
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Cooling capacity

Shtolverk Company develops, manufactures and sells cooling capacity of various designs and modifications for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, paint, chemical and other industries.

Scope of cooling capacity.

Cooling Containers are usually used in the food industry. They are widely used in dairies for cooling and storage of milk, to distilleries and wineries with wine or brandy stabilization, the processing of cold and exposure at a given temperature, the fermentation mash and wine storage. Also the cooling capacity used in the manufacture of syrup, invert, etc.

Appointment of cooling capacity.

Containers cooling widely applied for any food liquids, where necessary in the production technology, followed by cooling of the product holding a predetermined temperature. cooling tanks are designed for storing, cooling and long-term cold storage.

The principle of operation of cooling capacity.

Cooling capacity is filled with product through the filling nozzles arranged on the container lid. After completion of filling the container to the required level of product cooling process takes place to a predetermined temperature and then holding a predetermined temperature. In this cooling process accelerate the mixing container contents. Type mixing device is selected depending on the technological problems.

Cooling capacity device.

Cooling capacity is a double-layer thermally insulated cylindrical tank equipped torosfericheskim or conical bottom. flat tank cover. Capacity set on adjustable feet or frame. Filling the cooling capacity is made through filling pipes equipped with valves or solenoid valves. To prevent the thermal expansion in the container has an air valve. For the convenience of the service in the internal cavity of the hatch cover is embedded capacitance. To cool the product on the outer surface of the inner shell, welded to the U-shaped coil in which the refrigerant is started. The design of the cooling tank is made of stainless steel.

Cooling capacity is equipped with a mixing device (usually frame-type) with a motor-reducer, sensor lock operation of the mixing device when the door is opened, an additional valve for complete draining of the coolant, a thermometer SCI type of resistance to control the temperature of the product. Also, in the base case cooling capacity equipped with cleaning heads (one or more, depending on the volume of the boiler) and the measuring tube

Cooling capacity is supplied with a control cabinet, including a heating control system, organized on the basis of the temperature-control meter, the control system of the stirring device, locking system operation of the mixing device at the opening of the hatch cooling capacity, additional sensor shutoff solenoid refrigerant supply valve (water) when using a jet breaking system.


Additional accessories:

Any equipment can be equipped with additional snap in any volume and configuration:

• Fully automatic control system with touch panel with TOUCH-general industrial multi-channel programmable controller for full control and management, temperature, time and mixing modes, as well as the management of pumping and homogenizing equipment.
• audible and visual alarm system
• system of protection against "dry run"
• timers and time switches
• The system is monogamous or tiered as well as combined heating / cooling
• circulation pumps for high-temperature heat carrier
Level sensors (mechanical, ultrasonic, laser,
Pressure transducers)
• strain gauges
• Automatic vacuum or injection systems, as well as
injection of steam into the product
• mixing devices and high-speed low-speed, any
• high-temperature food, including and self-priming pumps
homogenizers and own production

Емкости охлаждения изготавливаются любых объемов и комплектаций.

Мобильный форфас со встроенной холодильной установкой Forfas mobile 500 liters with a refrigeration unit EO 600 liters - Cooling capacity at 600 l

EO 1000 liters - Cooling Capacity 1000 liters    

Commercially available:

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