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  The digester for cooking by-products from electric (TANS) heating
  Siropovarochny boiler with steam heating
  Siropovarochny boiler with electric (TANS) heating
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Mixer Z-shaped

Shtolverk Company develops, manufactures and sells faucets Z - shaped different designs and modifications for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, paint, chemical and other industries.

Scope mixer Z shaped.

Z shaped mixers are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry for the preparation of thick slurries.

Смеситель Z-образный

Appointment mixer Z shaped.

Z blender used in the confectionery industry for making a tough test and the thick viscous products such as nougat or caramel mass with fillers. Z shaped mixers are widely used in the chemical industry for the preparation of thick adhesives, mastics and other substances with high viscosity. Z-type mixers are working in enterprises, where you want to apply a lot of effort when mixed due to the increased viscosity of the product.

The principle of operation of the mixer Z shaped.

The capacity of the mixer is loaded through an openable lid to mix products. Shafts mixer special Z shape overlapping zone of rotation of each other and moving with great effort carried out a thorough mixing of the ingredients in the product. The blades have a specially designed form having an average concentration of product in the mixer where the most intensive mixing of the product.

Z shaped mixing device.

Mixer with Z shaped blades and consists of a frame mounted on the irreversible capacity. Inside the container there are two shafts, Z shaped, rotationally driven motor reducer. hinged lid containers, hinged, equipped with a device facilitating recovery. Depending on the ingredients used, the various fittings and their loading hatches may be embedded in the cover. Massive Z shaped blades of special design, combined with the high torque applied to the shafts, provide efficient mixing and quality, speed and reliability of the design process.

Mixer c lopostyami Z shape, equipped with a control panel equipped with the systems necessary to manage and control the work of the mixer. In the design of the electric component, taking all the customer's wishes into account.

The control panel in addition to the standard systems can be equipped with timers, devices change shaft speed, visual and audible alarm and other necessary devices to the customer. In the case of a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control cabinet is technically a single complex, the technology could be to address a single operation control circuits of automation system. Individually, any technology naturally controls the production machinery maintenance mode in accordance with the rules adopted by the works on the production of particularly taken.

The rest of the application of PLC and control panel with touchscreen technology is controlled by a variety of sensors and automatically executes devices (valves, gate valves, feeders, feeders, etc.) on a pre-designed routing product production. If necessary, you can switch between several technologies that can significantly extend the functionality of the equipment.


Additional accessories:

Any equipment can be equipped with additional snap in any volume and configuration:

• Fully automatic control system with touch panel with TOUCH-general industrial multi-channel programmable controller for full control and management, temperature, time and mixing modes, as well as the management of pumping and homogenizing equipment.
• audible and visual alarm system
• system of protection against "dry run"
• timers and time switches
• The system is monogamous or tiered as well as combined heating / cooling
• circulation pumps for high-temperature heat carrier
Level sensors (mechanical, ultrasonic, laser,
Pressure transducers)
• strain gauges
• Automatic vacuum or injection systems, as well as
injection of steam into the product
• mixing devices and high-speed low-speed, any
• high-temperature food, including and self-priming pumps
homogenizers and own production

The mixer is made of any size and configuration.

Conical mixer 150 liters Plow-mixer 3000 liters
laboratory mixer 5 liters  Y-shaped mixer SM-Y 120 liters with the Automated Management System 
CM-B1000l ACS - drum mixer with 1000 liters of Automated Management System CM-PB Mixer drunken barrel under the replaceable container
CM-Y120l ACS - Y-shaped mixer, volume of 120 liters with the Automated Management System  Laboratory bikonusny mixer 20 liters
Laboratory mixer drunken barrel Dissolver for interchangeable containers
Vertical screw laboratory mixer Advanced Universal laboratory mixer
CCK-Psalny "drunken barrel" under the replaceable Tarbes mixer console type Univer CCK-Pb300l ACS - Mixer drunk a barrel of 300 liters with a stationary container
CCK-BR-170 ASU L - Mixer dry ingredients bikonusny 170 liters with the automated control system Mixer sauces steel AISI 316
SPB 50l ACS - Mixer drunken barrel for the pharmaceutical company, polished removable containers 50 liters CCK-Y40l ACS - Y-shaped mixer, volume of 40 liters with Automated Management System