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  The digester square (rectangular) with steam heating
  The digester square (rectangular) with electrical (TANS) heating
  Siropovarochny boiler with steam heated
  Siropovarochny boiler with electric (TANS) heating
  Kolerovarochny boiler with steam heating
  Kolerovarochny boiler with electric (TANS) heating
  Universal cooking with steam heating boiler
  Universal cooker with electric (TANS) heating
  Tipping cooking with steam heating boiler
  Tipping cooker with electric (TANS) heating
  The digester for cooking by-products from the steam heating
  The digester for cooking by-products from electric (TANS) heating
  Siropovarochny boiler with steam heating
  Siropovarochny boiler with electric (TANS) heating
  The digester with the lower drive steam heated
  The digester with bottom drive electric (TANS) heating
  The digester automatically loaded with a basket
  Unit melting fat
  Unit melting fat square (rectangular) with steam heating
  Unit melting fat square (rectangular) with electrical (TANS) heating
  Unit melting fat round with steam heating
  Unit melting fat all electric (TANS) heating
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  Mixer ribbon
  Mixer conical
  Mixer bikonusny
  Mixer drunken barrel with a fixed container
  Mixer drunken barrel under the replaceable container
  Mixer tympanic
  Mixer Z
  Mixer twin-shaft
  Mixer twin-rotor with a heating jacket
  Mixer V
  Dissolver (dispersant) of the stationary type
  Submersible dissolver
  Vacuum dissolver
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  Blending tank with a propeller stirrer
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  Storage capacity (storage tank)
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  Mobile forfas with built-in refrigeration unit
  Сapacity of water treatment
  Vacuum equipment
  Vacuum boiler (vacuum unit, vacuum reactor)
  Vacuum tank with steam heating
  Vacuum tank with electric (TANS) heating
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  Vacuum universal homogenizing module
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Vacuum homogenizing plant rotary

The company develops Shtolverk, vacuum homogenizing installation rotary different designs and modifications for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, paint, chemical and other industries.

Вакуумная гомогенизирующая установка роторного типа

Application of vacuum homogenizing installation:
Homogenising rotary setting (GURT) is widely used mainly in food industry production line as mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, sauce, cheese and cheese pastes, creams curd, milk caramel, line for production of condensed milk, including TU, lines for the production of tomato paste, etc.

Автоклав горизонтальный

Автоклав горизонтальный

Appointment vacuum homogenizing plant.

Installing a hydrodynamic used for mixing, grinding, heating, pasteurization, cooking, homogenizing (dispersion) evacuation, cooling and unloading the product is intended for manufacturing a large range of food products.

Автоклав горизонтальный

Автоклав горизонтальный

The operating principle of vacuum homogenizing plant.
This setting is a vacuum mixing system. Loading starting materials in a vacuum mixer can be raised through the cap and through the additional funnel, freestanding container (due to dilution), or via input tubes fitted with manual or automatic drive. The container can be heated and cooled, it rotates the agitator with scrapers moving along the inner wall surface of the container, that prevents the formation layering and of product sticking to the vessel walls.

Through a branch pipe located at the bottom of the container, the product enters the dispersant, the main unit installation. A further bypass line for return to the tank, etc. During the process the vacuum pump continuously vacuums capacity and de-aerates the product. After air inlet into the container, the finished product is discharged displacement pump eliminates the mechanical effect on the product.

The basic design of the vacuum homogenizing installation

Homogenizing setting rotary electric heating is a modular product consisting of a container, the stirring device disperser (homogenizer) and the vacuum pump.

Three-layered cylindrical tank equipped with a conical or torosfericheskimi bottom and top lid. On the cover of the mixer fitting is installed to connect the evacuation system outlet for water filling, electrocontact manovakuumetr air inlet valve, excess pressure head cleaning system CIP, opening and closing of the cover is done by moving the lift vertically upwards and downwards. The bottom part of the container fitted teploelektronagrevateli protection heaters incorporating the dry sensor, product temperature sensors and the coolant, the locking operation detector stirring apparatus while opening the lid.

The space between the inner and middle layers (jacket) filled with coolant (water, glycerol or food), heated by means teploelektronagrevateley (heaters). The cavity formed by the middle and outer layers, filled with insulating material to minimize heat loss and to ensure the protection of personnel from thermal burns.

Frame low-speed agitator with scrapers made of two parts - the movable and fixed. This design ensures the uniformity of the mixing device the mixing product container around the volume, and the scrapers mounted on the mixer, moving along the inner surface of the vessel wall, and prevent the formation of accretions stick product. The movable part of the stirrer is centered and fixed in the container cover. The mixer is equipped with a gear motor and inverter speed.

The vacuum system of the hydrodynamic unit is designed for vacuuming capacity and de-aeration of the product. Also, a vacuum system is used to load (suction) of the components of the extra tanks, hoppers. The vacuum system can be operated in manual mode and automatic mode, while maintaining the parameters vakuummirovaniya capacity within the prescribed limits.

The vacuum mixer is supplied with a remote control, which include, organized on the basis of the heating control Dual Channel Temperature meter-controller system control RAMS mixing device with converter speed system, system lock operation of the mixing device when the cover is opened, heaters thed operator, control dispersant using inverter speed system, automatic cover lift control system (using an automatic locking system that prevents the lift going beyond the extreme upper and lower limits of movement)o protect the system from dry inclusions, automatic system to maintain the vacuum within the establis.

Additional accessories:

Any equipment can be equipped with additional snap in any volume and configuration:

• Fully automatic control system with touch panel with TOUCH-general industrial multi-channel programmable controller for full control and management, temperature, time and mixing modes, as well as the management of pumping and homogenizing equipment.
• audible and visual alarm system
• system of protection against "dry run"
• timers and time switches
• The system is monogamous or tiered as well as combined heating / cooling
• circulation pumps for high-temperature heat carrier
Level sensors (mechanical, ultrasonic, laser,
Pressure transducers)
• strain gauges
• Automatic vacuum or injection systems, as well as
injection of steam into the product
• mixing devices and high-speed low-speed, any
• high-temperature food, including and self-priming pumps
homogenizers and own production

Commercially available:

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