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  The digester square (rectangular) with steam heating
  The digester square (rectangular) with electrical (TANS) heating
  Siropovarochny boiler with steam heated
  Siropovarochny boiler with electric (TANS) heating
  Kolerovarochny boiler with steam heating
  Kolerovarochny boiler with electric (TANS) heating
  Universal cooking with steam heating boiler
  Universal cooker with electric (TANS) heating
  Tipping cooking with steam heating boiler
  Tipping cooker with electric (TANS) heating
  The digester for cooking by-products from the steam heating
  The digester for cooking by-products from electric (TANS) heating
  Siropovarochny boiler with steam heating
  Siropovarochny boiler with electric (TANS) heating
  The digester with the lower drive steam heated
  The digester with bottom drive electric (TANS) heating
  The digester automatically loaded with a basket
  Unit melting fat
  Unit melting fat square (rectangular) with steam heating
  Unit melting fat square (rectangular) with electrical (TANS) heating
  Unit melting fat round with steam heating
  Unit melting fat all electric (TANS) heating
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  Mixer twin-rotor with a heating jacket
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Twin Shaft mixer

Shtolverk Company develops, manufactures and sells two-shaft mixers of various designs and modifications for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, paint, chemical and other industries.

Scope-shaft (twin rotor) mixer.

The twin (twin-rotor), the mixer is used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry, and is used for mixing pasty mixture of thick consistency.

Двухвальный смеситель

Двухвальный смеситель

Appointment of two-shaft (twin rotor) mixer.

Twin-rotor mixer used in the chemical industry for the preparation of adhesives, industrial mastics, paints, food dough for mixing steep, meat, confectionary masses with high viscosity sticky and prone to thickening in the mixing process.

The principle of a two-shaft (twin rotor) mixer.

The components of the mixture, immediately or sequentially, depending on the technology are loaded into the blender. Two rotating shaft equipped with blades in the vessel, if appropriate in different directions and at different speed, creating multidirectional product streams. Because the product flow are complex, continuously and repeatedly intersecting trajectories, there is intense mixing and homogenization of the mixture. To intensify the process used blades of different shapes, as well as additional activators built-in mixer to the vessel wall.

Device-shaft (twin rotor) mixer.

The mixer is a vessel (tub), if necessary, equipped with a heating jacket, cover in a sealed or normal performance, rack unloader ingredients, hatches, dampers, valves and any mechanisms for devices and automation facilities on request.  

The shafts of the mixer parallel installed in the vessel during rotation form a continuous stream of complex interaction of components. Blades, plows or dividers are set at an angle to the axis of motion that allows you to set the direction of flow for intensive mixing and concentration in the relevant points dvurotrnogo mixer. The use of additional, passive or active blade brake activator, mixing devices accelerates the mixing process and improves the quality indicators of the mixture.

If the product requires heat treatment, the mixer is equipped with a warming or a cooling jacket depending on the technology. Heating can be carried out using the built-heaters and steam or hot water. For cooling, it is also possible to use different refrigerants. When designing mixers with two parallel shafts on the basis of the parameters of the mixture is selected torque is applied to the shafts and the number of leading motor - reducers. Because purpose and operating conditions may vary considerably, one may use as a drive unit, and several in parallel.

Двухвальный смеситель

Двухвальный смеситель


Additional accessories:

Any equipment can be equipped with additional snap in any volume and configuration:

• Fully automatic control system with touch panel with TOUCH-general industrial multi-channel programmable controller for full control and management, temperature, time and mixing modes, as well as the management of pumping and homogenizing equipment.
• audible and visual alarm system
• system of protection against "dry run"
• timers and time switches
• The system is monogamous or tiered as well as combined heating / cooling
• circulation pumps for high-temperature heat carrier
Level sensors (mechanical, ultrasonic, laser,
Pressure transducers)
• strain gauges
• Automatic vacuum or injection systems, as well as
injection of steam into the product
• mixing devices and high-speed low-speed, any
• high-temperature food, including and self-priming pumps
homogenizers and own production

Commercially available:

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